Movie of “CANNON BALL FESTIVAL 2016” has Completed!

I went to coverage “CANNON BALL FESTIVAL 2016 ” at 4/17/2016.


I went width my friend of mine pro photographer so that I could concentrate on shooting movie.


So I trust friend with taking photo.


And we shoot photos and movies of vintage motorcycles “Japanese cafe racer” in rainy condition without knowing.


 Following photos is that my friend photographer took. That’s great beautiful!!







These machines was very beautiful because of owners maintain their machines politely.


This event was huge success so that some participant after participant uploaded movies.


For example, following movie.




These movies showed the event effectively very well.


So,I thought how can I edit my movie shoot more effectively.


It’s boring to make movie not to have changed with other movies.


Suddenly I come up with a interesting idea that I edit movie so that Japanese atmosphere been expressed to use Japanese traditional back ground music and movies.


Following movie is I made to express atmosphere of Japanese cafe racer!!


Its interesting movie for foreigner to feel atmosphere of Japanese cafe racer !!





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