“GOD SPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR.” DVD is now on sale!!!

“GOD SPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR.” DVD is now on sale by DIG label!!!

This movie made in 1976 documentary and very famous film and went out of print long time ago by current trend.


This movie described Japanese motorcycle gangs or cafe racer called “bousouzoku”.


“bousouzoku” is taboo in Japan.


This movie described “bousouzoku” very very well!!


But Japanese society had not allow this movie to widening-gaining ground, and was forced to be discontinued, although very intereseting film…


First of all, most Japanese famous bousouzoku team called “Black Emperor” appear in the document.


They are real bousouzoku. Camera took not only their riding scene but also their conversation with family and friends ,police.


Japanese news media has taken their riding scene as “outlaw” or “antisocial” or “criminals” for long time.


But only this film took their life as individual person so that this film came to be very valuable.





So, price of this film surged year after year.


Finally, price of DVD reach over $100 instead of used thing.


So I am very grad to be released reissue DVD!!




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